Illustration Research is an international network of academics,  researchers and practitioners in the field of illustration. It has already held three international symposia: 2010 (Cardiff),  2011 (Manchester MMU), 2012 (Krakow Ethnographic Museum, Poland). Here is the link to their website :


Their next symposium Science, Imagination, and the Illustration of Knowledge is to be held in Oxford on November 7-8. It is placed under the patronage of John Dewey and his saying: "Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of the imagination." Here is their call for papers, with all the relevant information, to be submitted before July 5:

The Science, Imagination and the Illustration of Knowledge symposium will consider the contemporary and historical role of illustration in relation to the collection, processing, understanding and organisation of knowledge and associated questions of epistemology and pedagogy. The symposium is organised by Illustration Research in collaboration with the Oxford Museum of Natural History, the Pitt Rivers Museum, and the Museum of the History of Science and these world-famous collections will provide an important context for the exploration of these issues alongside presentations from curators. We therefore invite submissions of papers on any of the following themes, and/or the suggestions of panels (three speakers).
* drawing as a means of investigating the world
* diagrams, working drawings and field notes
* books and manuals, infographics, instructional and pedagogical material
* visual taxonomies, classification and differentiation of categories of knowledge
* visualising the invisible
* visualising the body
* phantasms, grotesques, shadows: the imagined body
* science and magic
* healing images
* Darwin's legacy

Papers are invited from practising illustrators, from scientists and from academics. Please submit 500 word proposals for papers and/or panels to Adrian Holme a.holme@camberwell.arts.ac.uk by Friday July 5, 2013.

Papers selected for presentation will also be considered for submission to the forthcoming Journal of Illustration (Intellect)


Vous voyez ci-dessus l'appel à communications de la part du réseau international de chercheurs et d'illustrateurs Illustration Research. Ils ont tenu déjà trois colloques internationaux, en 2010 à Cardiff, en 2011 à Manchester et en 2012 au Musée ethnographique de Cracovie en Pologne. Voici le lien vers leur site:


Leur prochain colloque, intitulé Science, Imagination et Illustration de la Connaissance se tiendra à Oxford les 7 et 8 novembre. Il est placé sous le patronage de John Dewey qui a déclaré : "tous les grands progrès des sciences ont eu pour origine un élan audacieux de l'imagination." Reportez-vous à l'appel ci-dessus pour tous les renseignements, les résumés doivent être envoyés avant le 5 juillet.

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